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Let 5 Star Carpet Cleaning Experts Make Your Carpets Spotlessly Clean

Is your carpet full of stains? Carpets make a bulk of your home or office interior and can send a bad impression to the visitors if they are not in perfect shape. If your carpet in Knoxville is stained or giving away a bad odor, it can easily send visitors away with a bad impression which is the last thing you want.

Does cleaning your carpet yourself sound like a painstakingly long task? Don’t have the professional carpet cleaning machines or don’t know which cleaning agent to use on which fabric? If that’s the case, let the professional carpet cleaners in Knoxville shampoo and steam clean your carpets to make them look absolutely fresh and new.

We are a professional carpet cleaning company in Knoxville, providing truly a 5-star cleaning service to our clients. Be it carpet steam cleaning or carpet shampooing for stain or odor removal, we are your best choice as we have invested years in cleaning all kinds of carpet fabrics, have a thorough understanding of which cleaning agent works well on which fabric and follow the practices that have served us with outstanding cleaning results in the past.

Your search for the best carpet cleaner in Knoxville ends here with 5 Star Carpet Cleaning Service. Call us now and get a free estimate

5 Star Carpet Cleaning Service

Our Services

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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning services in a household or an office usually involves a method in which a person cleans or vacuums sofa, chairs and furniture on a daily or weekly basis.

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Rug Cleaning

If you have rugs at your place, then regular cleaning is important as they can quickly become dirty and a health hazard. They are easily infected with bacteria and can smell a lot if not cleaned properly.

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Pet Stain Removal

Don’t we all love our pets! All of us have a special place in our homes and hearts for them. However, let’s face it – we all get tired and exhausted by the mess our pets create sometimes

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Mattress Cleaning

We never really think about mattress cleaning, unless some accident occurs and it gets really dirty. We spend decades sleeping on the same mattress which is why cleaning them becomes necessary every once in a while

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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout allow a great deal of bacteria deposits. Since they are porous, they lock in all types of bacteria which is why tile & grout cleaning becomes very important

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Sofa Cleaning

Many households won’t think about cleaning their sofas simply because it is a tedious, demanding and exhausting job. So why not give professional couch cleaners a try

5 Star Carpet Cleaning


We take pride in delivering both, residential and commercial carpet cleaning services in Knoxville TN. Whether you have a stain filled carpet at your home or you are dealing with a bad carpet odor problem at your workplace, our team of highly skilled carpet cleaning professionals can come to your aid. When it comes to carpet cleaning, we only use the best quality products to clean your carpets and rugs. Many carpet cleaning companies in Knoxville offer cheap contracts using substandard products and provide non-satisfactory carpet cleaning but when you hire one of our carpet cleaning professionals in Knoxville, you get top-rated high-quality cleaning at an affordable price.

5 Star Carpet Cleaning

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There are plenty of carpet cleaning companies operating in Knoxville, but why should you choose us?

Are you searching for a licensed and fully insured carpet cleaning service in Knoxville? 5 Star Carpet Cleaning is your only choice.

5 Star Carpet Cleaning

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Our highly talented carpet cleaning experts in Knoxville can make your carpets spotlessly clean. We use high quality disinfectants to make sure your carpet gets free from all microbes and allergens. Our disinfectants are ecofriendly so they are safe for you and the environment.

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